Nudey rudey…

Apparently not everyone loves life drawing like I do. Or so I discovered recently! I had been keen to check out a local place that runs life drawing sessions once a week (vino available should you so desire – divine!) and more than one friend whom I asked if they wanted to join me looked horrified at the thought. I’ve done plenty of life drawing in the past so I’m just used to the whole idea I suppose, but I was surprised and extremely amused by the reactions of some of my friends.

In the end, I managed to find two kindred spirits and went along, realised I had forgotten how quick a minute goes by and that you shouldn’t be so blase about where you sit! Despite having to draw a few poses from an extremely odd angle it was still fabulous! Over the last few weekends I have worked off some of my sketches from the sitting we went too. There is still a bit of work to do on them but I’m pretty happy with how they are going. It’s been fun. Here are a few pics from last weekend in the studio:


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